GAME Wallet Overview

About GAME Wallet

GAME Wallet is a great service from GAME. It allows you to combine your Reward Card points, GAME Gift Cards and any GAME credit into one handy virtual Wallet.

Access it Online and through the App

We have a great portal where you can view your transactions, manage your balance, PIN and your details. To find out what's there click here and logon or sign-up with your Federated ID(s).

You can access GAME Wallet through the GAME app where you can check your balance and use the codes to make payments in store.

Online or In-Store at GAME

You can top-up in store and online and if you don't have enough funds to complete your purchase, you can top-up with a card.

When can I get GAME Wallet?

You can sign up to GAME Wallet here. You'll need a GAME Reward account, but don't worry if you've not got one, we can create one for you when you sign up. To use your Wallet in-store, simply download the GAME app - just search for GAME Reward in your app store.

How can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about GAME Wallet, check out our FAQs section.